Round sunglasses from Japanese designer Tsumori Chisatothe (via Whorange)

Chromatic Typewriter, a modified 1937 Underwood Standard typewriter with letters and keys replaced with color pads to create a functional “painting” device, by Washington-based painter Tyree Callahan.  (via Colossal)

Eating Implement by London-based Japanese designer Azusa Murakami. (via Flodeau)

"Evolution has allowed animals to develop their dental anatomy according to their preferred diet. Humans as omnivores have gradually reduced the use of our teeth with the invention and the utilisation of cutlery, leaving our teeth mainly capable of grinding. This implement provides a new typology for cutlery, based on various animal dental parts for different varieties of food."

Inkjet printed paper shoes by University of Wisconsin MFA graduate Julie Von Der Vellen. The artist uses personal stories and those of friends and families, interweaving them into handmade paper crafted from recycled cotton clothing. (via NOTCOT)

Tiger & Turle — “Magic Mountain” — by Hamburg-based duo Heike Mutter/Ulrich Genth is a large walkable outdoor sculpture on the Heinrich Hildebrand Höhn in Duisburg, Germany. (via Design Boom)

Tiptoe bench by Isreali designer Yaarit Mechany (via Design Milk)

Weapons of Mass Creation poster series by Angryblue (via NOTCOT)

Borders,” a series of embroidered fabric designs exploring pre-Columbian backstrap weaving techniques indigenous to Guatemala and Mexico, by Dutch designer Hella Jongerius in a collaboration with US textile supplier Maharam. (via Design*Sponge)